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Default Re: GA-MCEO perspective on 2012 and Human Evolution

After Reading a bulk of the links provided. I then had was searching for information about Keylontic Communication. In doing so a site I hadn't visited for about a month or so appeared.

a question was posed to a Christ recorder:

The works of Ashayan Deane and Keylontic Science seem to ring very true, and even correspond to what has been said by Jesus and his answers on your website, however, there is a major clash of differences about Archangel Michael the Keylontic Science crowd perceive him as a Fallen Angel, and say that he deceptively gets us to use him and listen to him but he is actually misleading us and giving us distorted information.

the answer was given:

There are only two things you can trust absolutely and absolutely rely and depend on - and these are the visible world and the incredible Intelligent Love behind and within all creation. And you can prove for yourself that It does know your needs, and It does fulfill them providing you do not destroy all Its work in the unseen, by throwing out negative thoughts and doubts. Your negative consciousness destroys Divine answers to prayer. But consistent, unwavering faith will prove to you that the Divine hears and loves us, and takes the greatest care of us even though it is not an individualised God aloft. For each one of us, the universal Divine is personal and is aware of what we need and swiftly fulfills the needs - when we do not doubt.

Don't give another thought to anything which is not directly from Divine Consciousness.

I hope this will help you get rid, for all time, of this fear born in your imagination.
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