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Default Re: GA-MCEO perspective on 2012 and Human Evolution

Hi Light,

I enjoy this paragraph from the texts you have referenced

The “greatest falsehood of all” that has been perpetrated upon our spiritual truths, has been the intentional complete omission from the “books of spirituality,” of the pre-ancient advanced scientific teachings of multidimensional physics that are contained within the MCEO CDT-Plates and their original written Maharata Text translations. This intentionally contrived, progressively orchestrated omission of historical fact, which has been executed over a period of recent history dating back only to 11,000–10,000 BC, has culminated in the creation of a “species-wide mass illusion,” in which an inorganic division, and seeming competition, between spiritual and scientific realities is perceived. And through this illusion, a “spiritless science” justifies its endeavors without conscience or concern for “spiritual law or consequence,” and a “science-less spirituality” remains castrated from the true knowledge through which its lofty aspirations of an “Eternal After-Life and Ascension” can be fulfilled. Original CDT-Plate records of ancient and pre-ancient history include record of spiritually and technologically advanced human, and other-than-human, cultures. Both the CDT-Plate historical record, and the CDT-Plate teachings of the spiritual-science technologies of “Ascension,” have historically been stripped from contemporary fragment-religion doctrines, and denied within scientific paradigms. This omission and denial of ancient “core truths and foundation facts” was contrived to prevent the human masses from acquiring the knowledge and personal power by which they could reclaim directional control over their personal and collective evolutionary destiny.
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