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Default Re: Israel and the Nutbar Factor - Poll

Originally Posted by Reader View Post
Revelations 3:9-10
Zechariah 12:2-3

It's not Israel that you should be worried about

When all of the earth are against them, they and all that stand with them will be victorious

It's not just a coincidence that this little nation plays such a large role in todays events

I'm not Jewish but as I get older, the more clearly I can see that what is written is the truth.....and is playing out right in front of us
Yes, but who wrote what is written?
It is not prophecy if an event is written by a particular group then followed/enforced up by said group in future.

It seems like at school when a younger kid has a much bigger brother to look out for them. They can say what they like to who they like because if anyone talks back, big bro will be called upon to do thy bidding

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