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Default Re: So, Nov13th... 6th day begins (Mayan Calendar)

Originally Posted by martian31v View Post
there was NO MAJOR incident, (i.e. WW3, COMPLETE financial collapse leading to people shooting each other for food, catastrophic natural event, the sky didn't fall) yes there was much suffering, which has been relatively consistent throughout recorded history. what has increased is our awareness to that suffering and our collective power to reduce suffering. an african american was elected president. who could have predicted that 30 years ago. the 6th day is about us solving some of the problems that produce suffering. the 6th day is about waking up to OUR collective power and creating the world we want. instead of ONLY focusing on problems, focus on solutions and bring in the 6th day.
the 5th night has not finished yet, the pound is at it lowest vs the euro looking at the market today all down,if your looking for major incident this is it it will take a long time for total collapse just as war takes a long time the event does not have to end in the 5th night but it started in the 5th night when we both look back in one years time i think you will agree MAJOR.
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