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Default Re: So, Nov13th... 6th day begins (Mayan Calendar)

Originally Posted by John aka#404 View Post
--> What are you doing that day ? or this week ?

--> What do you see coming ?

--> 6th day: Flowering, renaissance
* last 6th day was 1952-1972


As a moderator, I request that you all please keep things on topic -- which of course is quite open-ended here -- please use common sense. Thanks.
I'm not entirely sure what is on-topic these days... but I think that's very interesting if 52-72 was a period of flowering and renaisance. Can you say what the 6th day was previously ? presumably it was 400 years long? 970 to 1370 ? Is that about right ? The 14th /15th centuries were the renaissance I think , so yes, there's something there perhaps.

If the Summer of love was 1967, (three quarters through) then that would mean we'll get another Summer of love in August 2009 ! (And not the Summer of Hell as some predict) or perhaps more darkly, maybe the summer of hell will be that very 'renaissance'.

I'd prefer a summer of love though, if it's all the same to anyone.

As for what I'll be doing, I can say with some certainty that I will probably be logging on to Avalon on the 12th/13th and probably the 14th too...

thanks for the thought provoking thread. Have you seen Ian Lungolds video by the way ? very interesting...

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