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Default Re: So, Nov13th... 6th day begins (Mayan Calendar)

Originally Posted by John aka#404 View Post
** Yes I know some have said it is Nov12th, others say 13th. No matter, this week we all could be observing changes (AND NO I am not referring to that dude that has over-used the word and it has lost it's meaning )

--> What are you doing that day ? or this week ?

--> What do you see coming ?

--> 6th day: Flowering, renaissance
* last 6th day was 1952-1972


We all saw the 5th night come and go without any major incident which I found very interesting (and not to mention, relieving ). Lots of "talked about" major incidents, but nothing occurred really.

* 5th night during the Planetary cycle (centered around Power) was 1932-1952 (WW II/Korea)

* 5th night during our current Galactic cycle (centered around Ethics)
Nov2007-Nov2008 -- it appears
with ETHICS as the foundation of consciousness, the 5th night was different from the previous. No major incidents, but all the minor ones were followed up with questions and ethics at the core. Georgia/Russia is a good example.

John aka#404

As a moderator, I request that you all please keep things on topic -- which of course is quite open-ended here -- please use common sense. Thanks.
no major incident are you blind,this is a war now, iran russia relay on oil to be above 65 dollar or they are not breaking even, they have built the market to collapse, plus it is not ethical the way we are all living, the war has cant say nothing happened can you?

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