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Default Re: Racist Comments of Eagle Disobey

I have some American friends and I love your country, but I have met one too many indoctrinated imbeciles who regurgitate this racist non-sense. Their business is to exploit racism as a means of making a profit and to keep everything as it is, so they can always profit more. Some even admit that the "fight against racism will never be over" making clear that they have no intention of ever stopping it. This is bad in many ways, not only to society in general, but especially for individuals whose freedom of expression is taken away. Instead of treating people like people they prefer to extend a rigid racial structure for political purposes and in detriment to people's development.

Identity politics can be used to divide any group of people based on arbitrary characteristics for political purposes. In this case race is used for division and control. It is effective not only for keeping people busy at each other's throats, but also as a way to keep them from learning, improving or simply evolving because a pre-made template of what an "identity" means is established, with pre-approved values, ideas and worldviews. In other words, it is a way of creating submissive idiots in a little box.

But about the ED ideas about race... guess what? In other parts of the world such concepts don't even exist or are treated differently! That gives you an idea about the qualifications of the people from the Eagle's Disobey website. They are either in the business of disinforming or are just not very bright.

The whole idea of racism in the USA today is a product of a historic Anglo-saxon obsession about race, which other Europeans or people with European descent shared more or less in a not so distant past, and the scientific racism of the 19th century. It was not ignorance, but pseudo-science that served as a pretext for many of the atrocities of the 20th century. And now they use other pseudo-sciences as a pretext to justify this non-sense.

Europe in itself is full of different ethnicities, and different countries have had more or less mixing throughout history. So the view on race vary greatly there just like it does in the rest of the world.

It means that there is no such thing as "race" as a universal concept. Race is a social construct, which is social engineer... oops, sociological jargon for

Now, the comments about color blindness in ED are interesting, because this reveals their true nature. The whole African-American militancy in the US depends upon the perpetuation not only of the concept of races, but also of a strict racial structure based on an old concept called "one drop rule". With these devices such a diverse country like the USA can be easily divided.

Isn't the use of such ideas created by racists for racist purposes, well, racist?

That's why, for example, some African-American politicians are against giving people the right to express themselves as they wish, usually based on their positive life experiences. This is just one example: . They need to fuel hatred in order to justify their existence.

They are sick.

Other places, where segregation never existed, managed to integrate populations quite well, where such concepts are invalid. Inevitably the same thing will happen in the USA. Color blindness is a side-effect of this development and a good thing. If more people were like that then the world wouldn't be as ****ed up as it is.

More power to Kerry And Bill in this regard.
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