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Default Re: Operation 'Iraqi Freedom' to be renamed 'New Dawn'

Originally Posted by dddanieljjjamesss View Post
Observer, could you isolate the part of the interview that pertains to this?
With regard to the Jordan Maxwell interview, the general theme "a new dawn", or "the dawn of a new day" reoccurs throughout the entire interview. Jordan eludes to this "new dawn" theme as the focus of his research for an extended number of years.

With regard to the Bill Ryan video, the "new dawn" theme is the icon of his interview transcript presentation. (at the top of the transcript page)

Renaming the "Iraqi Freedom" campaign "New Dawn" has everything to do with the subject of both these videos in their entirety.

The ability to see the "big picture" cannot be achieved through "isolating" the research. One must be willing to look at the evidence in its entirety....
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