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Default Re: can you FORGIVE us?

Originally Posted by Mystic Pilgrim View Post
Illuminate and Anchor,

Thank you for your wise words. This thread seems to be God-given, as I was trying to figure out how life could be so downhill now when it seems to be so good just a few years back.

Mystic Pilgrim
I think this is an important point... the more time we spend reading sad stories and horrible predictions, the more miserable life will seem. Because our power to change the illuminati or aliens is near zero. However, the power to change the self is within our grasp every second.

Life is Good... if we see it that way.

Just like the spanish inquisition.. if they finally do come knocking with the thumb screws, if you believe in a soul, then there really is nothing that can be taken from you, so why worry.

If you believe in a single consciousness, even the soul is expendable! That is, it is never lost because there is only one soul in the end...

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