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Default Re: can you FORGIVE us?

> forgiveness transcends ego

I see it similarly but I think forgiveness can only happen with each step that you make towards mastering, harnessing and understanding the ego for what it is.

Some refer to this as conquering, I used to think exactly that, but now I don't think its true.

Forgiveness is unconditional love under will - a conscious intent to resolve that which is forgiven.

I don't think it is instant an thing. It isn't in the words "I forgive". It requires a movement and an engagement of every conscious aspect of your beingness.

A very high degree of mastery would be required to simply say "I forgive you" and that be done completely.

I once forgave a man who stole money from me in the form of unpaid business invoices - I thought I was being clever at the time, I gave up chasing him down and shredded the invoices - I sort of forgave him. This was not an easy process for me and began with me wishing all sorts of nastiness on his business (for which I have no doubt paid a price!!).

Anyway once I let it go, for months I wondered if I had done the right thing - clearly I had resolved the situation or put it behind me - but if I had done it completely then how come I was still being troubled? Eventually I realised I had done the right thing in principle but for the wrong reasons - true forgiveness followed.

Therein I discovered that forgiveness is a process which in our 3D incarnation is more than just a fleeting intent. Full resolution takes time. (Time heals...) However, the better you get and the more detached you can be - the faster and more effective forgiveness will become.


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