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Default Re: can you FORGIVE us?

Originally Posted by illuminate View Post
my ego tells me not to write posts like this
it told me not to start this thread
that no-one would care
no-one wanted to hear this
that it wouldn't matter
that it wouldn't make a difference

and I always hesitate to say anything
because I don't want it to be about me
but I feel if I don't share a true and intimate part of myself
then how could I ask you to share your love

I love you!
You know Illuminate, I really wrestled with this when I first joined this forum... when I made my first posts.

If this Avalon community is really about building new ways and links between people, I should really keep my ego in check and see what is needed rather than bandy my tuppence about.

Because it's easy to see, early doors that there is a counter for how many people read the thread and also how many post to it. So it's easy for my ego to get trapped into the 'how well am I doing?' mode. 'How's my driving?'

And it's quite shocking that the most heartfelt threads of truth disappear without a trace. Anyone remember Jenny32 or whatever she was called? How's she doing now? Put a thread up about something that can never be proven or verified as real, yet contains endless opinions.. and they run for weeks !

It's not what I thought Avalon was about... so I will always support the 'heart threads' Illuminate. It's what I signed up for. Wherever there is genuine interest in changing the world from the inside out, I will be there.

Ooh.. wait , no... my head's getting bigger again.. stop.. ah.. there. Ok.

gotta watch that

Thanks for your thread Illuminate, we need that loving vibe here at Avalon sooo much...

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