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Default Re: can you FORGIVE us?

Today I have begun my day as I do everyday. Forgiving myself for forgetting.

Soon after I noticed that there was an "issue" within my home due to someone's poor decidsion. I smiled, and forgived them. Then proceeded to do my best to solve the "issue".

Next I knew I was reading some emails that contained some things I did not enjoy. I forgave those involved for their actions, and existence for allowing it to be so. I quickly saw "The Big Picture" so to speak, and found it all wonderful in a grand design.

JUST before this post, I was working with someone on another forum who was hurting themselves, and remaining very close minded and blind to themselves. During the conversation, I began to feel 'anger" and realized I must stop, center myself, forgive them, and send them my love.

This is a never ending process for me, one which I apply to my own life and the universe alike.. Centering.. Remembering.. Forgiving.. Loving.. Being.

In light, of love
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