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Default Thomas J. Chalko..the Essence of Nature

Has anyone heard of this guy? I really, really enjoyed reading this.

What next?
The Universe exists. Can any of its features be understood without understanding its Purpose?

At present, we focus our efforts and resources trying to explain the "outside" world as if we were separate from it.

Almost 2000 years ago, a small circle of people was advised: "Whoever does not know Self does not know anything, but whoever knows Self already has acquired the Knowledge about the Depth of the Universe."[9]

Shouldn't we look WITHIN? Is this explicit advice of where and how to "seek" in order to find why it is that we and the Universe exist? Is the KEY to the entire Universe encoded in our own private consciousness?

How many more thousands of years do we need to realise and explore the significance of this advice?

We have the Freedom of Thought. We can either explore or ignore the Purpose of the Universe [3]. Whatever our choice is - we are destined to experience its consequences, even if we cannot yet imagine any.

What do you choose?
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