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Default France Aliens Résistance UN+ON



This message is being broadcast to you by a group of resisting humans located in France, who have become aware of the extraterrestrial intervention, that is occurring without the consent of the people of Earth, and of its grave consequences for our world.
In response to this and taking into account the nature of this information, we’re contacting French speaking UFO groups, and people with vision in order to transmit to them the following. 


Events are accelerating and we don’t have the time any more to prove to you the credibility of these extraordinary revelations. The URGENCY of the situation compels us to publicly ALERT the HUMAN FAMILY of the grave DANGER that threatens it.

Let’s be clear: YES, there is life in the Universe, the most beautiful proof of this is us, humans of Earth. YES, EXTRATERRESTRIAL beings have been visiting our planet for millennia, and the ancient texts inform us about this.
And YES, and HERE is the most important part, some of these beings are PRESENT NOW IN OUR WORLD and have HOSTILE AND RADICAL INTENTIONS towards the human family.
Many "government leaders" of our planet are aware of these facts and are deliberately hiding this GRAVE SITUATION that concerns us ALL. In fact, taking into account the latest information that we have uncovered, we don’t have A CHOICE ANY MORE, we must bring a stop to these terrible activities: the abductions, the experimentations, the inseminations and the mutilations of human beings. We must react and express our dissent in regard to these criminal acts. These facts have been proven. Nonetheless, this information has been classified as "top secret" and enjoys a higher level of security than the H bomb.
The time for DISCLOSURE has come.

If nothing is done, we will lose this precious FREEDOM that we and our ancestors have always fought for. This world will then simply become a space colony under an extraterrestrial dictatorship and the human race will become enslaved.
We, Human brothers and sisters in unison, will NEVER accept such a condition.
In this sense, we resist with all of our being, as would any Man or Woman worthy of this definition when confronted with such evidence.

Some may wonder what reasons and what proof allow us to make such statements. Know ye that people of great integrity and honesty have searched unbiased and against all odds for the TRUTH about these phenomena called UFOs for their entire life. It has taken them a lot of time and courage to undergo the ordeals and to brave those ignorant people who deny that which they don’t manage to conceive.
The document you’re reading today is a short summary of the results of their research.

We owe it to our brothers and sisters, known and unknown, who have sometimes paid with their life for the disclosure of these facts, to recognize them and express our gratitude.

The way you receive this message may be unusual, but this is due by the very essence of the troubling facts that it reveals. It’s one of the roundabout ways that we have found to ALERT THE PEOPLE.


Noting the complete submission of the media to political and economic powers, you cannot rely on them to inform you about this situation. They’re either completely unaware of the situation, or they’re "under the thumb" of these powers who do not want such revelations to be made. Indeed these announcements, if well founded, which they are, would put them in a very difficult position in fact. Concealing such information could be considered by some as an act of treason and a crime against Humanity.

It doesn’t seem sane to us to hide such BIG NEWS that has such deep impact on the entire human race. One can hide a secret airplane, but as far as we are concerned, it is immoral to keep CONTACT with other beings from the Universe a secret from humanity. It is too VITAL an event.

According to some sources, there is an official disclosure project, stipulated at the highest level of many Nations with the purpose of preparing people step by step to the reality of the extraterrestrial presence in the world.
Careful observation of the media outlets seems to confirm that this project has been underway for many years. But, it is possible that after this phase has been completed, it may be followed by the unexpected announcement by certain nations that contact has already been established previously with these beings.
If this proves to be true, taking into account the previous and explicit information that we’re bringing to
light, it could be a decisive maneuver to gain humanity’s COMPLETE ALLEGIANCE. We must be VERY VIGILANT here. We insist that contact with a civilization from beyond this planet, must be subject to debate and to the worldwide consent of the PEOPLE OF EARTH. 

We cannot give you a rallying point, each one of us is responsible for themselves and stands alone before this information that cannot be ignored. Those who will hear and understand this communication will brave their fear and will know what to do; we will all meet each other again, that is sure. WE ARE HERE. 

We have to mention that during our research into The Human Resistance, we have found brothers and sisters from all over the world who are also aware of the truth and who are fighting on their level for its disclosure. "United we’re strong".

Moreover in the spirit of appeasement, we have to mention that during our research, we have been delighted to discover that humanity has great allies in the Universe, who are aware of our predicament and who are assisting us during this difficult trial in a benevolent and altruistic way.
"As above, so below".

NOW YOU KNOW. What you will do with this information is entirely up to you.

Lastly, we want to make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that we’re not part of any sect, or any religious, political or other group, we simply consider ourselves as free and sovereign men and women.
Brothers and sisters united in resistance for the disclosure of these facts and the deliverance of this world.
Therefore, we are in favor of cooperation, organization, and action. 

frère Claude/brother Claude
25 December 2008

" The Sacred Hearth of the Men "




Ce message est transmis aux Groupes ufologiques, aux radios, journaux et televisions Francophones.

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frère Claude

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