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Default Re: Avalon & Camelot Reptilian Experiencers revisited

Thank-you Jacqui D. What I realize is that many who are involved with this stuff, don't know. They don't know how one can become endangered through their innocence. Part of being responsible for one's self. What I posted above is just some basic stuff so that anyone can acquire some degree of protection on a basic 101 level. As with anything it is what also works with your inner matrix. But this will get you started. Something is better than nothing is how I am approaching this. The advanced souls may have a different shielding technique using different colors to shield different things. There are many different variables but you won't get there unless you start with the basics. That was my goal here. Maybe someone would like to head up a thread on this subject. I'll pass on that. Also keep in mind that the color white contains all the colors, including gold. Combine this shield with your Christ soul energy and intention through your will, you'll have something very effective. It takes a little practice if you are new to this.

And Jacqui, I think I have solved our do not touch mystery. At least for me. But the details haven't been disclosed as of yet but we are currently working on that track. Just thought you might want to know that.

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