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Default watch this series - before it gets removed

- Watch this series.
(Before it gets removed for "National Security" reasons

Here is the summary, the URL's are posted at the end.

The long-awaited release of the 1991 "Connor O'Ryan" testimony.

A six-hour documentary by Under-Appreciated Science Productions
Wendelle C. Stevens
With special guest speakers
Robert O. Dean
"Connor O'Ryan"
Gem Cox
And featuring testimony by
Bill Uhouse
Bob Lazar
Steve Wilson
Richard Boylan
Richard Hoagland
Phil Schneider
John Lear
Jim Dilettoso

We will let you know it all...

From "The latest documentary effort by Under-Appreciated Science Productions, called "S-4 Informers" (a six and one half hour long film) has just been finished after many long months of work by Rick Keefe.

This documentary contains the first ever wide release of the Connor O'Ryan testimony, detailing the specifics of the above top secret laboratory installation within Area 51 known as S-4.

Connor O'Ryan is the pseudonym of an S-4 sentry who defected, and approached Wendelle Stevens in the fall of 1991 and gave testimony as to the activities of certain high officials at the S-4 facility.

S-4 rests inside the edge of the Papoose mountains that lay alongside the dry Papoose Lake. S-4 is located just a few miles southwest of the infamous Groom Lake Naval Air Base, for which Area 51 is most famous. However, S-4 is likely an even more secluded and guarded base than Groom Lake.

This documentary presents the testimonies and circumstantial evidence regarding the highest extreme of classified secret activities of U.S. Navy scientists, engineers, guards, assassins, and certain government leaders and corporate executives that are conducting special ops missions and advanced experiments involving dangerous elements and energy sources out of the view of congressional oversight and public watchdogs.

As well, it appears that a select clique of individuals, organizations, and corporations are profiting handsomely through seeding captured alien technology that has been back-engineered at S-4, then introduced into our society through companies of their choosing, rewarding those "in the know" handsomely, if not illegally, and unethically stunting the spread of this science to the world at large, choosing to keep it secret in order to benefit themselves financially and to promote their aspirations of greater power."

Volume 1
The long-awaited release of the 1991 "Connor O'Ryan" testimony. Featuring Wendelle C. Stevens, Robert O. Dean, Gem Cox and many others. We let you know it all... ext_from=PL

Volume 2
S4 Informers Volume Two. Takes up where the first volume leaves off. Things just get more and more interesting. ext_from=PL

Volume 3
Alex Collier, An interview from April 9-10, 2009 ext_from=PL

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