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Default Re: Klaus Dona Interview was suberb!

Three unknown continents that are no more, Lemuria/Mu and Atlantis are the two people usually talk about, but there was another at the same time eh?...

Giants have been mentioned by ancient civilisations worldwide, I thought it was strange how they asked him how they could have lived because of their size. That's asking him about an environment he doesn't live in or remember living in or have done extensive research on (yet perhaps) to get a picture of and there is little public knowledge of, he's seen bones not the earth conditions of those bones at the time. I thought that would be relative anyway - a tall person has bigger proportionate bones for their size but they're not necessarily stronger than a shorter persons, both would, in 'normal' circumstances, have the proportions they need to stand, live etc unless the environment was conducive to different sizes as Bill then mentioned in the same body or there was deformity. Plus, big animals like elephants, giraffes (an example of a species with what would seem abnormal bone proportions) and the dinosaurs we think we know of can move very fast and indeed some gracefully.

I like how he mentioned that those we consider the oldest civilsations had objects in their culture from other cultures and some even older than theirs. The universal language (and belief system) was another nice mention, and again spoken about in ancient works we currently know of; as well as the great inundation(s). Plus ufo's back 10,000 years ago which reminds me of the later flying machines shown in Egyptian stelae and the yantras (otherwise known as sacred geometry) which were also shown used as flying machines for the Indian 'Gods' and stylised as animals which were symbolic and had a connection to constellations.

Lol I love how he related his friend/colleague's reaction the HP's report on the Mitchell-Hedges skull although even though HP themselves may not have been qualified to do the analysis, they could quite possibly be funding or did fund someone/organisation who could but that doesn't mean they would let the public know anything real or in a true context. Though like he said, they could have just done poor investigation.

Plus tons of other things! One to watch again..
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