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Default Re: Looking for professional advise for buying land.

There are several people on the forum which are also organizing the same thing that you are doing. Get in touch with Northern Sanctuary. He's organizing a radiant zone somewhere in Canada and have experience organizing a community.

It would also be good to get in touch with some of the forum members organizing in the UK. I believe Mudra, our Sanctuary keeper, is somewhere in Europe. You might want to check with her through the forum.

Likewise, you might want to start searching for an area which is at least 3,000-5,000 feet above sea level; are not prone to earthquakes, flooding, landslides or near a dormant or active volcano or in the middle of colliding tectonic plates; have some form of natural shelter against the elements, and can sustain a self-supporting community.

Likewise, you might want to read up on George Green's "Handbook for a New Paradigm". It will be mighty helpful spiritually, as we need to strenghten ourselves for the changes in the future. Kindly see link below:

Good luck and Namaste!

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Originally Posted by ypestis View Post
Hello Project Avalaon,

We are a group of people situated in Netherlands but from multi nationality who by luck of the universe got granted a sum of money enough to buy a piece of land. We are all still young aging from 18 till 28 and our mission is to buy a piece of land to begin cultivating it and building earth ships.
We would like to ask here if there are any people who could advise us as to where we can buy land as this is completely new for us.
We are ready to travel trough europe to meet the right person and sit and discuss our wishes with him.
Any advise is very welcome!

Thank you,

Love and Light,

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