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Default Re: Al Bielik - Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project

orthodoxymoron, you might already have looked at this, but if you havent you might wish to
The New Nazi Bell

he Philadelphia Experiment
Dering's story also included a large section on the Philadelphia Experiment, which he claimed originated again from Einstein's Unified Field Theory. To give John credit, the guy has a nearly photographic memory. He'd quoted me sections of 1979 "The Philadelphia Experiment" book by William Moore from memory that were nearly identical to passages in the copy that I bought for reference information. In the case of the Philadelphia Experiment, however, Dering wasn't acting alone: a major part of the story came from Dr. James Corum, a PhD EE who'd actually conducted a replica of the Philadelphia Experiment in 1994, and then published the results for others to use in their own experiments. Corum had translated Einstein's UFT a while back from German to English, and had been struck by several passages from Carlos Allende that were simply too scientifically accurate to have come from a 1950's merchant-marine sailor who'd dropped out of high-school.
DE 173 Eldridge:
The former Destroyer Escort is now part of a Greek shipping corp.
Corum’s 1994 replication included solid physics & great historical research, which I quoted in “Einstein’s Antigravity”. “During the war, the Germans had a radar-reduction program underway to reduce the radar-cross section of a ship based on the concept of impedance matching. It was known that magnetic biasing of an iron or steel medium can control the surface impendence, and the use of degaussing coils to achieve this is likely due to heavy experimentation with them during the war to reduce naval ship’s susceptibility to attack by magnetically detonated mines or torpedoes.”
check out the rest of the link, its grey matter material
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