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Default Re: Georgia guidestones vandalized.

I posted to the other thread started by peaceandlove on same topic. I don’t see any link with the evil agenda of the elite’s NWO and the Guidestones.

The comments sprayed on the stones are hateful towards Muslims. Wonder who else the vandal hates. Vandalism from a so called Christian, since Christ is mentioned. Distasteful and hateful. Yes, the stones are a threat to established majority religions today who don’t like people who are not ‘one of them’ whether it be politically or religiously.

The Guidestones ‘ten commandments’ go against the NWO’s agenda. The stones don’t mention extermination of today’s population. It is a guide. I speak more on this in the other thread.

Stand back and read the commandments. Read about Thomas Paine. Who are those threatened by these stones really?
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