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Cool Re: Georgia guidestones vandalized.

It was going to happen eventually, it's not the kind of monument which people will go out of their way to honor, I don't think it's simply the Rockefellers/Rothschilds they should be seeking to blame though, it's a complex problem which involves all of us, and I think Jesus would rather we learn to work out our problems by ourselves before the next stage of spiritual wisdom is shared, Georgia probably was never the capital of the NWO, whoever put the guidestones up was obviously just an ardent believer in Billy Meier, the PTB wouldn't be so blatant about it, their attitude is much more subtle and sophisticated, who comes up with an exact number like 500 million? I agree our ecosystem needs balance, but that number is based on pure speculation, they're supposedly looking to reduce it to around 1-2 billion, but not for a long time, there is a lot more growth being anticipated, I'd say after the age of Aquarius in 2200 A.D. there might be some kind of biological pandemic, all that really matters is to work on the soul, because that's all that we keep after death.

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