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Default Georgia guidestones vandalized.


This is some crazy sh*t here. From the language used, I gather that this was likely the work of some disenfranchised youth (living near the site), who has recently become aware of the "meaning" of the guidestones. Infuriated, said person likely did this in a hasty and poorly planned fashion.

Some of the graffiti phrases are pretty creepy though, almost as creepy as the guidstones' lingo imo. I really do hate it when I have to agree w/ crazy people on some level (just the no nwo stuff), although I don't think would ever want to be affiliated w/ this kinda person in any way. I'm starting to think maybe this is "false flag" type of thing, to lump the rest of us (who would point to the guidestones as a bit of tangible proof of the nwo) in w/ this goofball.

I'm surprised something like this hasn't happened before though. If I were to create some kinda protest there, it would be alot more tasteful, that's for sure.

Maybe just my own little protest "guidestone" right next to the big ones that would read something like:
We know what you're up to. C'mon, be good family!

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