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Originally Posted by joe2288 View Post
See what I didn't understand is why they deleted everything of Abrax. I never

got into that Thuban thread but yesterday, when they put it back up I scanned

through it. Just doesn't make sense, but then again I don't know all the facts.
That's just it. there was nothing going on there, until exception was taken, followed by actions taken. And it went down from there. It would all have gone away naturally if it hadn't been conspired against. And the rest is the back and forth over the injustice on the one hand, and the we did it for the good of all, on the other.

Problem is. deliberate lies were told, and are not being hidden as best as possible. Lies just don't work anymore. and more lies don't make the original ones go away.

Truth is called for, so we can back to business.
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