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Default Re: Swineflu : The next wave

Originally Posted by Gnosis5 View Post
Agreed and you can stay happy and I can stay happy but the people who lack that ability will do well to take their Vitamin D. I take vitamin D when I feel like it.

"O" blood types have more tendency to very aggressive immune response.

Due to a thyroidectomy in the 70's I find MMS abhorrent -- my body thinks it is poison, but hubby takes it regularly.

If I really want to stay happy I should stop reading threads like this :-)

If you are taking supplements - unless they are of an extremely high quality vita/mineral complex - most of it is just passing through your body. Vita-mineral intake is best ingested through super-foods (not GM foods), in our modern times. Do your research and do not just assume, and trust, your vitamins are good for you. BTW .. we need to take care of our "whole" being, not just part of it. Spirit, soul and body need our assistance for true wholeness.

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