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Default Re: Iraq's Most Precious (stolen art) Treasures Of Babylon

I’ve heard reports about US and Brit civilians taking artifacts from the museums as well. The armed forces allowed the looting of these facilities so when anything of great significant is missing it will be blamed on thuggish activity, nothing new.

The war was illegal; they invaded, killed innocents, and shamed sacred buildings…then left the country in chaos, all the while setting up vantage points to re-supply and plot on neighboring countries. IMO… recon, search and destroy/retrieve seems to be the true agenda…every other theory about these recent wars makes little to no sense.

The militaries are filled with kids for a reason; it really has nothing to do with fitness. The youth seldom question their commands and trust they are serving for a good cause…this makes it easier to deploy covert ops (much older seasoned veterans) while the younglings give their lives playing the decoys…it’s disgraceful age old tactics that has been perfected under the lies of terrorism.

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