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Default Re: The Sun is getting much brighter

man am I glad this post came up I was about to make it myself!
1. I have really been noticing that the sun is extra bright lateley, I work outside for a living so I know what the sun is doing on a regular basis. Trust me, the real noticeable difference has been the last couple of months, I can't go outside without my shades on.

2. I thought I was losing my mind, when the other day my wife said, "I'm going inside, it's too bright out here.. thank goodness it isn't just me :-)

3. We are passing through the photon belt. IT takes Earth 2000 years to fully enter and pass through it. 2012, we will be dead center of it. (the center seems to be where it is the most intense)

4. 2012, also marks the point where Earth is aligned with the sun and the center of the galaxy in the middle of the photon belt. (sounds like a shift of some sort being set up). Anyways, this is why the brightness of the sun and the moon and stars is intensified right now.

5. This I'm not too informed about, but as far as the intensity of heat etc., supposedly our solar system is also aligning with the center of the galaxy? I would like this explained better, becasue visually we are perpendicular to the center, but there is a black hole at the center of our galaxy and as you all know, out of hte black hole is a giant radiation fountain shooting outwards towards anything in it's path. It is my gut feeling that somehow this extra radiation is adding to the intensity of the heat of our solar system. I am probably wrong, but it just feels right to me.

6. Our magnetic field is weakening, thus more radiation is getting through regardless of where it's coming from. Unfortunately, while it continues to weaken we are entering a solar maximum which will reach maximum in 2012. Things could get real scary over the next couple of years. I personally feel that someone "in the know" made sure "Day After Tomorrow" got made and released. This seems to be the closest to what I feel will be our first major impact of all the weirdness coming our way. I think the sun will throw a major CME and totally knock us back to the stone age, then ensuing weather will get worse and worse while we get more volcanic activity than ever before and for the icing on the cake, Earth Quakes will be very frequent.

7. The Earth is ****** at us, it needs to make the shift, we are holding it up and it will force us to make it one way or another. I don't think we have enough time to change the collective consciousness in a way impactive enough to ease the pain of this shift. I think it will be the end of yet another ancient civilization. We will be the ancient text of the next up and coming generation to screw up the Earth and it's resources. History repeats itself, I know it's cliche, but it's the truth. Everywhere I turn these days in my town, 17 year olds are walking around with long un-wahsed hair, rhine stone COP glasses and Led Zeppelin T-shirts.. It's like looking through a photo album of when I was in Middle School. At least they're listening to good music once again :-)

That is my 2 cents. If you want the science behind the claims, I highly recommend Greg Braden, and especially David Wilcock's online book "Shift of the Ages" I just finished reading it, it is one of the best reads I have ever read besides "The Law of One Material"

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