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Default Re: Dreams and Visions of October 2008 Event...

well, i dont really talk about this much but two or so times i have seen things in a dream that was slightly different in a noticeable but not drastic way then a normal dream that happened about year later once and 4weeks another in which if i didnt see & prepare for in advance i dont think i would have been able to handle them.

My real concern is about 2months ago i had one of these dream things in which NYC had been hit by a nuclear attack and my family friends i & towns ppl had gotten out of the blast radius to the point where we weren't directly killed but in order 2 escape we had 2 travel through radiation, i felt i knew we'd suffer "consequences" later.. kinda distinctly sickening recalling it. Iv been preparing for a little now & do believe thats a likely outcome.
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