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Default Re: Dreams and Visions of October 2008 Event...

about a year ago I had a regular dreams about mushroom clouds, paramilitary in the streets and fighter jets flying around. The feeling wasn't good.

I haven't had those dreams in many months, but I have had very positive ET dreams, in which they are initating contact and we can see them flying around.

In one dream they landed a saucer and came out, about 12 of them. They looked JUST LIKE US! Grandmas, kids, adults, men and women. The only difference is that they were VERY loving and all had the clearest blue eyes.

They told me they were our "family" and were just like us, and loved us very much and were helping us to awaken. It was a very positive dream. I have felt absolutely zero fear about ET's since then.

I am a channeler and commuincate with representatives from the Galactic Federation (at least thats what they tell me) and they have shown me SEVERAL Times that in 2011 the sun will go through a huge dimensional shift (from 3D to 4D) and that will send massive magnetic ripples through the solar system and lots of upheaval on Earth. I was shown certain areas hit worst, although, the entire world will be affected. At that point, centrist control structures will begin to completely fall apart. Its the beginning of the new age on this planet-it is a very, very beautiful and amazing shift we will have. I am not in any state of fear at all whatsoever since these visions and understandings.

I am told repeatedly that humanity, each person individually, must choose to ascend by being willing to become absolutely responsible that they are the creator of ALL of their experience, especially their inner experience (emotions, beliefs, reactions). This is the key to making the shift with the Earth, and the SUn and our solar system, as well as the rest of the universe, from 3D to 4D.

Thanks for letting me share!!

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