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Default Re: Dreams and Visions of October 2008 Event...

Hi Kristo and welcome.

I had one dream in my teens of everyone being in their homes worrying. We where all glued to the TV awaiting news on some unknown(to me) event.

A dream i recall from 3 years ago(one of those that makes you think - where did that all come from) was of driving to the supermarket with a sense of dread. Inside the supermarket everyone felt the same but carried on. It was so painful, the feeling of no hope. I got my stuff and left the supermarket and then saw(didnt hear) 2 mushroom clouds in the distance. In the end before i woke up - i was near a shack with 4 or 5 others. The bombs hadnt killed everything and the sun still shined??????

My most recent(that made me think) AND now worrying dream(from 2006) involves events around the experiment that could cause black holes. In the dream i look out of my window and witness parked vehicles being dragged in one direction. People are yelling,screaming and i stand there in shock. The TV dies as does all power and then it all goes black! The dream then moves to a image of a large coin shaped object in a field surrounded by military

As with all dreams, you never get a clear picture but are lefting wondering with so many questions.

Hope this has been interesting
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