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Default Booklink kirkwood book distributors investigation

Dec 2009 - The Hidden Records book distribution in the USA through Booklink Kirkwood books under the management of Sam and Eve Montgomery is currently under investigation.

More than 2 years have passed and to date just for starters the following status is unchanged:

No up to date sales reports for 2 years

No up to date stock reports for 2 years

Amazon delivery handicap status for buyers: 2 months

Book stores say it is now difficult to find The Hidden Records

No payment for sales for 2 years after hundreds of books have been sold

Wayne has been advised by his investors since thousands of books are in the hands of Sam Montgomery at Booklink Kirkwood books that he should first tell his story to the media and if normal trading status is not forthcoming then follow up with a legal

Read the full story here:

You can also read what others are saying:

Dear friends of humanity and those against manipulation of society... without your help this book is about to be truly hidden, its contents contain the evidence of our humanities physical origins, star maps all over earth and on mars, the monumental implications presented make all you have watched and read pure conjecture compared to the facts presented within its covers, its this the first massive stepping stone as to our true origins we must all take,

Please please help

Learn humanities true origins physically and spiritual it’s this truth that they are hiding; you can find our truth within Wayne’s three websites

The facts not only specks for themselves the truth resonates deep within
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