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Default Re: OCT 7th(ish) - More confirmation that we should PREPARE

Originally Posted by Swanny View Post
tried to buy some UHT milk but all the big packs had sold out, loads of spaces where there should be stuff.
Funny, I noticed the same thing in Sainsbury's (UK supermarket) on Saturday. There were no litre packs of UHT whole milk. Though they did have semi and skimmed.

I thought it would be nice to at least have a 'nice cup of tea' next week if everything has gone to the wall, and whereas I normally hate the stuff (very common in Parisian corner shops - late at night when everything else is closed) thought it would be better than nothing.

Maybe there's just a raging demand for UHT that we're normally unaware of.

I mean, as if things weren't bad enough - but drinking tea with UHT ??

On the positive side, it encouraged me to buy a litre of whole goat's milk (UHT). See? do something different every day... that's my motto. That way, life won't get boring. Oh boy... am I looking forward to trying that goat's milk

Good point about going to the farm's. Hell's teeth, things would be a lot simpler wouldn't they if we all just went direct? Crisis or no crisis. Don't think Sainsbury's would like that much though...

P.S. Those of you who like to keep informed on the financials, I really recommend he gives a really great commentry every day on what's going on in the markets.

peace n love

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