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How to make your own colloidal silver

Full details here

An Alternate Method If You Cannot Obtain a Power Pack

If you are not able to obtain the power pack, you can substitute three 9-volt radio batteries. Hook them in series (hook the three battery leads negative to positive, leaving a positive lead at one end and a negative lead at the other end open) so they output 27 volts. The three 9-volt batteries replace the power pack until you can get a power pack.

When using the three batteries, it is better to use a 16 ounce glass jar (i.e. 450 grams). As above, in the first batch you should use distilled water, thus it may take a signficant amount of time to make the first batch. Using the technique above, put 10% or so of this first batch in a glass storage container. Then, put this 10% in the second batch so it will not take as long to make the second batch. And so on.

And some more info here

And here

Some one said in the link that you could just eat using silver cutlery, that's why the rich people survived in the past

How about this for a novel idea: skip the whole colloidal silver supplements, which at best are "reputed" to be helpful and at worst will turn you blue (and that might not even be the worst of it...) and use silverware made of silver... you can buy old sterling spoons, etc at flea markets for a few dollars a piece. I personally think food tastes better with silver flatware, so I'm making the unscientific deduction that I'm ingesting tiny amounts of silver, with no risk of overdose. Reduce meat, salt caffeine and fat consumption, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables (with silver utensils if you choose) -- THAT is your magic cure-all not "supplements" of ANY kind.

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