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Default Re: Pandemic Flu - Prevention and Treatment

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Hello all,

I am not a new reader here, but I am a new member. I believe we are being set up a bit with this "Flu scare". I think this is a pre-cursor to a real planned pandemic that will come in the not too distant future, but we are being prepared for it. To trust the CDC who will show through their deftly handling of this situation that we should all do as they say when the real one hits.

First and foremost don't be a lemming. Don't react out of fear. Listen to your heart and act upon what it is telling you. Fear is the real killer. Spend time everyday centering yourself in the energy of unity and love. I have started a session within my family to daily refocus our energy in love and peaceful energy amongst us. The PTB want us in a state of panic and fear. They are setting up the population with this current flu scare and are using this to build trust in them for the big one. The shadow powers have stated they want reduce the world population by about 5 billion people through war, starvation, and disease. There is plenty of evidence for this plan available on the web in their own words. What will you do when the pandemic really hits?

Unfortunately, to do as they say then will mean accepting martial law, house to house searches, dna swabs, id tags / chips, and of course rationing of supplies.

This is our last warning folks for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Get plenty of supplies while you still can. Get a colloidal silver machine and make your own colloidal silver. Get the best water filter system you can (Stainless steel if possible) and plenty of vinegar and bleach. Potassium Iodine tablets would be wise to have as well.

If you can afford to spend several thousand dollars get a years supply of food for your family. I would avoid their vaccines completely. If you are involved in a community effort go in together and save money, work a deal if possible. If you cannot afford a lot, get something every week. Trim your expenses to afford these items.

There is a reason that hundreds of thousands of bio-hazard coffins are stationed around the United states. Cemeteries have been told to be ready with mass graves. FEMA trains are stationed along tracks in various places waiting to be used. Used for what? I can only guess they are for either relocating people to camps or for shipping bodies to be disposed of. Many diligent people have been gathering this evidence and it does not look good.

Prepare now to weather this storm. Have food, non-hybrid seeds, medicine, and supplies for a minimum of a year. The time may be shorter than we think. I was hoping for at least three to four years from now, but it may come more quickly.

I send my love and peace to you all, and pray you join me in that same energy for us all.

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor
It's not easy to stock up because it's just DAUNTING sometimes. There needs to be a list or something. Also, some of these things are expensive and I think it does more harm than good in the long run to spend money on expensive gadgets that will be useless in a survival situation.
You can get a water filtration system from $100.00 to $300.00.
You can buy bleach, vinegar pretty cheaply now. 8 drops bleach to a gallon of water I believe let it set an hour and it should be drinkable. Of course boiling is always good.

You can make a solar oven for less than $25.00

You can make a sanitary outhouse for less than $5.00

You can learn to collect water for nothing, read how on the net.

You can build a safe underground house for less than $200.00. You can store items underground in sealed containers very cheaply. You can use nitrogen to keep food from decaying for years, info free on web.

You can buy a 50 pound bag of rice for very little money. You can buy cheap cuts of meat and can it for very inexpensively. Same for picking veggies and growing your own. You can buy 14000 non-hybrid seeds for $40.00.

If you do some basic stuff, you can get started and not fall into temptation to fear. Pick up some health supplies every week. Buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol, some gauze, liquid stitch, etc.. Download first aid books for free.

You can either do it yourself for cheap, or pay someone who has whole kits set up already, but that's thousands of dollars. The point is, stop sitting on your gluts, go to the store, and get started.

The longer you wait, the more time is wasted, and you will fear because you have done nothing. I feel very empowered for the little I have done, and continue to do. I work with what I have, and I learn more daily. My skills are varied. I know gardening, homeopathy, blacksmithing, underground dwelling systems, security, hunting, passive solar, and I have much more to learn. The point is learn and act with what you have.
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