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Default Re: Pandemic Flu - Prevention and Treatment


"Listen guys. This is the big one. As a micro/ molecular biologist for one of the largest biotech firms in the world, I feel pretty confident in sending a warning to anyone who will listen.

Avoid, avoid, avoid largely populated areas. (large cities, malls, clubs etc.)

Remember or ever heard of the Spanish flu that killed nearly half a million americans in 1918? It was the last large epidemic of the swine flu. Swine flu is far WORSE than bird flu as it can be passed person to person by the respiratory pathway. This thing is going to spread like WILDFIRE. The only hope we have, as a whole human race, is the fact that its been discovered in semi-remote areas, and not somewhere like NY or LA.

Three- four months ago everyone at my place of work received epidemic flu preparation pamphlets that basically detailed what to do when this does happen. (so they knew it was coming).

The outbreak itself is not the bad part here guys. H1N1 is only one of three major types of swine flu. Usually these three types fall into either Flu A or Flu C... but I have heard through the grapevine that this mutated strain will be falling into the Flu B category for the first time in the Swine Flu history. What does this mean for you and I, were all #ed. Thats exactly what it means.

According to the CDC, you need to start preparing, here is what they suggest:

_discourage large gatherings. Schools and businesses will close, sporting events could be canceled and transportation limited.
-Hospitals will be overloaded and doctors and nurses WILL BE SICK. Be prepared to be cared for in your own home.
-Stock a one week supply of food, water and medicines
---Drinking Water
---First Aid
---battery powered radio, generator etc

Each one of your states should already have a pandemic flu plan (no joke, they knew it was REALLY coming) and a pandemic flu site. If they do not, you can go to and check it out.

I am not joking here people. Millions of us are about to die. Millions. Will it be you? Someone you love? Its time to start taking the steps to ensure you have a future on this earth.

Your saying to yourself, its 7 cases in texas and mexico... I live in NY, its never going to spread this far that fast. WRONG. So very wrong. With today's modern transportation, coupled with incubation times of the swine flu. It already probably is in NY, and LA, and europe. BC those 7 people DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY made contact with roughly 100 people a day while they were incubating and unaware of symptoms for 3-7 days! Some of those people travel, and with the speed of modern transportation, spread it to another 300-400 people while still incubating.

Listen, people you know and love are most likely already infected. Its time to start thinking about yourself, and your immediate loved ones. I do not want to be a harbinger of death on these boards, but it really is time. This is the big one. Don't be caught with your dick in your hands. "
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