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Default Re: Static Field - Video

Originally Posted by Czymra View Post
Do tell more when you are awake.
I think I have understood how to let the energy of even cold run through me and attune so I don't freeze, but I certainly do cool down. So I'm not sure if it's got anything to do with that.
I am not sure I am awake, you know “multi dimensional”.
In the following post, I have written something about how to take down life force, as it works for me.
I have noticed increase of temperature, in parts of the my body, and I know that it is the same for others.
But it is not to that extent that the Tibetan monks can do, they dry their wet clothes with their body heat, outside in wintertime.
In the following post I have written about that.
It seems to me that some higher intelligence (God or something else), give you these possibilities, which I think is good.
Imaging the opposite.
I know that black magic also exists, but then you have to do evil things.
I had been working with myself on this “emotional scale”, and made as I see it, a lot of progress.
I knew a person with “abilities”, he showed me a “raw crystal/stone of some sort”, and he asked me: What do you feel in your hands in the surrounding of this stone?
Nothing I answered.
Then about two weeks later, I picked cherries and at a time I reached a space about two meters above ground in the foliage, where three fine cherries were.
When I tried to take these berries, it was like enter into an electrically charged field and it hurt and it paralysed my hand a little bit, so I withdraw my hand immediately.
Anyhow I was determined to get these fine berries, so I tried it again, into this “electric field” and it hurt again and paralysed my hand.
It took a long time to just pick one cherry, within this “sphere”.
I gave up on the two other cherries.
After this event, I tested on the earlier mentioned stone because others did it.
This time, I felt a very strong kind of vibration in my hands.
After this “sphere event”, I suddenly had a ability to feel, whatever I program myself to feel.
I have still this gift today, I can program myself to feel whatever I want, it seems to, but I have to either be “charged” or get some “friendly energy from the surrounding” of people, just like directing energy from others.
Often I feel it like a force in the skin of my hands, that means that I have to move my hands back and forth to clearly recognise what I am looking for.
This is my own interpretation, if you have comments (anybody)?
Please do comment.
I haven't personally tested to dry clothes or something like that.
But I know that my feet sometimes get very hot and dry, not wet, during “spiritual exercise”.
My personal opinion: I don't think there are shortcuts.
Comments appreciated.
love, freedom and truth
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