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Default Re: Static Field - Video

Maybe this is a good explanation, to understand what's going on in different “energy situations”, created by different inventors, for example: Schauberger, Carr, Tessla, Brown (HHO), Searl, Moray and so on.
And don't forget the interesting document “Base New Berlin: an Antarctic base/advanced physics” from Project Camelot.
It is my opinion, that we don't learn things like this in our schools, but we should, and this was a very interesting video.
Inventors that for example work with energy systems seems to have a higher mathematical probability to die younger, because this is not on the agenda of the “power elite”.

Is it possible within the framework of Project Avalon to create a different kind of open source projects, both practical (building) and theoretical (creating documents) in different topics like: Energy systems, Economic systems, Society systems and so on?

Comments appreciated
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