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Default Orion Project to acquire Stan Meyer materials

Breaking News from the Orion Project

The Orion Project has been awarded the Stan Meyer materials and is completing final negotiations with the owners. The hope is that The Orion Project will have the materials in its possession by the end of the year.
Tune in to the World Puja Network this Friday to hear a detailed interview with Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Ted Loder on the implications and the exciting next steps in development.

This latest interview on the World Puja Network can be found here. A free login is required.

This interview is about an hour long. Topics covered include some background on the Stan Meyer discoveries, information about it from various sources coming in to the Orion Project, initial plans for developing the technology and safeguarding the papers, seed funds needed, and implications of the technology. Other esoteric energy projects in the works are also mentioned. The Stan Meyer technology is viewed as a transitional technology for converting and making use of current internal combustion vehicles in a much less environmentally damaging way.

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