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Default Re: DIY Solar Panel Advice

Originally Posted by Bobcat View Post
Thanks, Bobcat. Been frying my brain with the videos that this link provided. They have been very helpful and very interesting. I have brain ache . I am literally starting from scratch learning about electricity and how we get it from grids apposed to solar.

Got to phone around to see what Darwin businesses supply and the costs, from already made to kits and bits and pieces for DYI. It will be a great learning experience and I will post about my progress in a few weeks time. In the meantime I am open to anyone who has used the books I mentioned in my post.

Being faced with caring for someone who is totally dependent and severly handicapped raises a unique situation when faced with going back to basics of living. Though someone with disabilities has extra needs they can survive under very extreme conditions. Where there is a will, there is a way. Robert is thrilled about the idea, but try telling that to someone who hasn't cared for a severely handicapped individual, or who is not handicapped themselves. Blimy, many of these people live such boring lives!! Nothing ventured nothing gained. And anyway, when society breaks down we are going to be faced with going back to basics anyway, but at least by then we hopefully will be prepared and have a lot better chances of surviving, and surviving more comfortably.

Our main essential would be a small freezer as ice is a vital part of keeping some pretty nasty sores and rashes at bay. Solar freezers will be pretty easy to find out about. Without the knowledge of ice treatment Robert would be dead now. We have had some really scary experiences with the so called 'professionals'. Let us deal with the bush anyday, The bush is friend, and a very close one when we get to know it. After all, bush is part of our loving provider, Mother Earth.

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