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Default Re: Working free energy device

The Witts device is in direct contraction to itself. They need donations to get ramped up but the government represses the technology from betting put into production. If they had a solution, why not simply make it available by schematic and video building instruction? Oh the government will shut them down. Well put a pdf/zip out there and see how fast it gets around. The government can't stop anything. 99% is bluff. Yes they can intimidate a few but not stop the real thing. These people could sell thousands/millions of how to kits and benefit their "ministry".

If they had "Faith' they would put out the zip file with a request for donations and get the income they want from the millions of people that would build the device, see it works, save money. They're coercion approach doesn't indicate they have much faith, only a gimmick.

Liked to be proved wrong.
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