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Default Re: Special alert: New electrics revolution begins

It looks like a tremendous improvement of the popular "Bedini Motor". Now, he says it is not a motor and he is right. It's an electrical generator using very smart timed attraction-propulsion of the magnets (probably neodymium) by polar reversal at critical points, from my understanding. Also, it actually "uses" the counter electromotive force instead of being opposed to the rotation.

I have studied a bit the Bedini "schoolgirl" version of this generator and it is quite impressive, but it was also limited.

Now, it seems they have made quite a step forward, but I don't think it is miraculous. From what I have seen for sale, we are still far from complete autonomy from the electrical network. I am thinking about feeding a small house with at least 3KW/hour. Nevertheless, it is quite impressive and I will be one who will try it out in the future.

On the other hand, it can be good to wait a bit and see, because I see it coming out from every corner of the planet. Before rushing to spend some thousands, it could be good to see how the world will respond to it.

If I may, I want to point out another great invention, at my point-of-view. This is a steam engine that create 20hp (almost 15KW) at the shaft (mechanical power) if you can provide 200psi of steam. So, you still need to build a boiler, provide the water/steam network and feed it with wood/oil/coal or whatever mean you have to make the water to boil.

But, what is impressive is the power you get from it. 15KW is enough to feed 3 small houses in a cold country. Of course, it is an average consumption and it really depends what you use as electrical devices in your house.

For those who can afford it:

Namaste, Steven
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