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Default Re: Dr Steven Greer - The Promise Of New Energy 2009

Yes thanks for the link Northern. Very interesting.

Looking at this whole thing as we are from an enlightened position. It is so obvious that the ptw are absolutely terrified that this is all coming to light. For years they have tried to scare everyone with the "energy crisis", both in the seventies and again recently. They tried to tell us that once we run out of oil that we are heading back into the dark ages. (buy horse and buggies) It would spell disaster as we wouldn't be able to travel, use our electronics devices etc.

What a total farse. Once this paradigm changes they lose their control.

Think about how much money per month goes to these greedy sob's to pay for energy. There is the obvious heating bills and gas/diesel for our autos. But more than that. The cost of producing and transporting food is mainly energy. How much of our local taxes goes to pay fuel bills to run the municipalities? It goes on and on.

How much of our taxes goes to pay for unnecessary wars for oil? I think you get my point.

It really is no coincidence that this disclosure is coming at this point in time. With 2012 coming, I truly believe that the two are very much connected. I feel that the doom and gloom and end of world talk is not for us .... it is for the illuminated ones ..... their world is about to crumble.

Man it's nice to be on the winning side!!
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