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Default Re: Dr Steven Greer - The Promise Of New Energy 2009

Thanks NorthernSanctuary and micjer.

The link of NorthernSanctuary's post takes you to a brochure document with an outline of the Project Hydro Plasmol technology which I have now read with much interest. It looks very promising. The cold fusion scientist Martin Fleischmann is mentioned in the brochure and this prompted me to recall a live interview with him on radio 4 in the UK about 2 years after his cold fusion discovery was so publicly rejected by his peers.

In the interview, Martin Fleischmann spoke for about an hour about events preceding and following the cold fusion announcement that was made in 1989. At the time, I was fascinated to listen to anything said by a formerly highly acclaimed scientist. I had no knowledge or suspicion of organised suppression of technology or of any other suppression for that matter. It was early afternoon so I guess the numbers listening were not high.

Thanks NorthernSanctuary for re-stimulating that memory.
The more he spoke the more I listened until, at the end of the interview, the hairs on the back of my neck were standing quite upright. I was struck by his assurance that cold fusion as a concept remained of great interest to many scientists and that funded research was being continued. At one stage, there was a pause so pregnant before he cagily answered a question that I immediately realised there was a great deal about the matter which he was afraid to reveal.

That day marked the beginning of my ever growing suspicion of organised suppression of knowledge and technology was being practised at some level.
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