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Default Re: Good Free NRG machines

Originally Posted by bosr View Post
One is always hopeful the inventor(s) of a "Real" working device would come forward to Bill and Kerry "Leaking" the schematics, parts list and construction details. Bill recently stated in his thread that he would absolutely make sure the info would be made public if presented with such a working device. Greer has attempted this to some extent with the OrionProject but it appears the project has floundered for now.

Anyway, I'm hopeful we'll see some practical applications soon.

I can definitely relate to your post and maybe shed more light on things by sharing what my experience has been.

Childhood hero - Nikola Tesla and Arthur C. Clarke.
Beginning in 1976 I was employed as a machinist and attended college to acquire a degree in mechanical engineering. I never got the degree as I was already making decent money and was developing my skills in computers while learning to program machine tools. I found the early home computers really fascinating and became a video game programmer/entrepreneur - publishing an original game called Spelunker in the early '80's.
I went on to participate in other software oriented startups, finally making some money on a successful internet venture in the late 1990's.

In 2001 I was completely burned out and didn't want much to do with software or computers. I decided to focus full time on learning about the work of Nikola Tesla. It quickly led me to discover the suppressed technology of many inventors/scientists during the last century. In 2004 I acquired some small funding to research and replicate some specific magnet motor technology and devices. I learned a lot about FE and the 'players' in the field during this time and it has shaped my thinking on how to make this happen.

Most of the inventors that are publicly seeking support and promoting their technology are well-meaning and generally not solely in it for the money. (there are exceptions of course) Their hardware is mostly somewhat crude and may or may not work particularly well. Very few have anything with much practical application.
The majority of devices are very early prototypes, not well understood, and need significant development and improvement before they could be applied toward a useful solution to current problems. Unfortunately it takes money to build and develop this stuff since it requires tangible parts and specialized equipment to test and measure things. I wish it were different... because I become very frustrated myself with this dilemma. (the monetary system has us massively enslaved)

As to "real" working devices being leaked to the public, I mentioned above in another post, the Flux Switch Transformer is a working device that can be built by those who have the resources and skills to do so. It doesn't have to be leaked. Where are those people that can do it?

Additionally, the principles and science behind advanced FE technologies is not known in mainstream teachings. It's not simply the obscure circuit configuration or the magnetic arrangement, etc., There is more to understand than how to solder or build resonant coils.

If the public wants new energy solutions, the only way I can see it happening is for them to get behind it and start making it happen. A public movement to raise funding for this might be reasonable... like a cooperative. If money becomes available, advanced technology is available quickly and cost effectively. (This has become my most recent focus - raising altruistic funding to get this done. The tech is not a roadblock.)

The Orion Project will not succeed in bringing out FE for that is not their goal. They are not interested in funding of real technology. They've had the opportunity on numerous occasions.

I hope all this doesn't seem negative but it is a reflection of my direct, full time experience. My desire is to see the release of new tech sooner rather than later. It opens the door to massive improvements to how we live here on planet Earth and will lead to other fantastic developments.

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