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Default Re: On 8-8 start up the FED - Free Energy Device project!

OK... every single day @ 8:00am and 8:00pm think, focus, ask, draw, and write about a FED-Free Energy Device until the world is saturated in actual working devices for as many areas of everyday life as possible and including advanced travel and communications devices.

With a small understanding of caution... that your intentions are for the right use of Free Energy Technology and its use and purpose are within the Harmonics and Balance of Earth.

Everyday @ 8:00am and 8:00pm draw or write the flash image, idea, or perception of a FED and follow through on creating it, building it, and perfecting its function for ALL to use and duplicate.

Create your own websites, ebooks, blogs, etc. Make some money with your descriptions of experience or potential with FED's instead of holding back the product itself from being distributed.

I always wondered though if Hydrogen is flammable and Oxygen is flammable how come water doesn't burn.
Oh wait... water is a by-product of burnt Hydrogen.

Breathe deep fire up!
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