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Default On 8-8 start up the FED - Free Energy Device project!

A revolution of 'Free Energy Devices'- "FED's" for the whole planet. A new NWO.

Grab your notebook and see what contribution you can make!

Instead of focusing on so much depressing **** of what others say is going to happen how about a break and participate in a project that will pull out of you the inspiration, purpose, excitement, and maybe even a fresh outlook at taking back your power.

As an extended thought from this thread…

On 8-08-2009 @ 8:00am and again at 8:00pm everyone focus on seeing an image of a 'Free Energy Device' as well as drawing out the parts and materials to make it work. Continuing attention to perfecting the mechanics and operations and concept of how your device will work and build it and use it. And then go show your neighbor what it is and how it works so they can duplicate it and create their own as well. Just have a notebook and a pencil and draw what images come to you and then ask for clarity and go from there. Good luck!!!! Oh and you do not need to sign a contract or give away any part of yourself in order to have access to creation... We are all Sovereign beings!

Free Energy Devices are needed to purify water, food, air, and even to travel with for your personal convenience, also lighting, heat, cold, communications, and some form of electricity/electromagnetism for your own space.

Move past the solar, wind, and temperature phase of Free Energy and open up to new ideas of devices that can operate on the principles of nature and even the physiological mechanics of our body.

Free Energy Devices belong to all Sovereign beings and come directly from Divine Intelligence… so there is no need to apply for a patent, or to sell the idea, model, or concept to a corporation or institution. Actually you do not need to fully understand what it is you may come up with as someone else may have another piece to your drawing or design. Share your concepts and drawings with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to get them involved as well.

Create your own viral email campaign and send this idea out to as many of your associates as possible. Keep the IDEA flowing to prevent any group from trying to take over the Free Energy Device market, it does not belong to any one group or control freak.

Remain diligent in giving away your Free Energy Device to everyone!!!!!

Do not apply for a patent or try to protect your idea- that is exactly what will continue the very conundrum we grew up in that maintains dependence, control and slavery. Write a book on the best uses of your design or other designs and make money with your experiences of using Free Energy Devices instead!

The thoughts of capitalizing on your idea or invention is normal but the full benefit will be realized when as many people as possible the world over have learned and can live with their own Free Energy Device that does not belong to any entity or corporation.

Remove the greed portion of energy by dispersing as many devices as possible to every corner of the planet for all to use freely.

You do not have to be gifted to participate… just pay attention to the fact that you are participating in this project and see what comes to mind. Continue asking ‘Divine Intelligence’ (God), or whatever you want to call the ‘spark of our lives’ for revelations and pictures and concepts of FED’s; Free Energy Devices to be shown to you and they will be over a period of time.

As a beginning concept to think about use this one… the Sun’s radiance flows through a seed in the ground and pushes the roots out of the seed, then the Earth pushes back up through the seed and the sprout reaches for the sky!!!! The roots are the Sun reaching in and the foliage is the Earth reaching out. Zero Point is the Heart of that Matter!!! Pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Two ships passing in the night, etc.

Tell everyone you know what you are doing and ask them for assistance and guidance with what you have come up with so far… let your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers steal your ideas… it will get them out faster (might as well use that side of our nature for a right purpose).

Keep passing out the knowledge of Free Energy Devices in as many places and forms as you can think of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh... copy and paste and email this to everyone you know!

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