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Default Re: zero emissions and only $15,000.00

When the brown stuff hits the rotating blades, the original method of people movers will be the most reliable - legs!

Have a good a good think about the ramifications we are contemplating if and when the above scenario plays out.

Legs I know how to operate and look after. Why, some of the best shapes I've seen have been legs. Can't remember the last time a vehicle made my pulse quicken like legs have.

They don't need a lot of maintenance either - just sound common sense is sufficient to see them last you a lifetime. Handled with care they can be a source of pleasure.

The only downside is that if they are overworked or run at too high a speed, the crutch can become overheated. A soothing massage with liniment can be of use if this occurs - just be careful where you apply it around this delicate mechanism though - wrong placement can cause eyes to water.
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