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Default Re: Orion Project to acquire Stan Meyer materials

I work within one of the largest car companies in the world and I also happen to be in powertrain research... maybe this is why I'm here

I e-mailed my supervisor this document and intend to try and get it heard internally it may fall on deaf ears but I trying to work out whether I'm on a lone road or whether I can get it 'listened' to...

I need to make a small device which I can get shown to people hgh up that will listen to get this large ship steered into the right direction...

ethically it is the right thing tio do... hether anyone will listen is another thing...

Currently everyone is thinking of downsizing, weight saving and CO2... If we were burning H2 it would mean we could all drive what we want without considering h2 consumption or biofuel etc etc... WOW I see the future fuel and it is wet and drinkable
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