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Default Re: Photos of object near sun at sunset tonight

Originally Posted by firefly View Post
Hello Sharondon, Its a big speculation, but aren't we here in Oz land the first ones to be able to see Niburu/planet X,Eros, simply because it arrives from the southern part of the galaxy and we will only see it first in the late afternoon and early evening as the sun is going down? Just a thought!

And thanks heaps for the photo.

Love and friendship

Yes, thanks sharondon for the pictures.

Like Firefly..Nibiru was my first thought. There was a YouTube video about
taking pictures of the sun at sunrise and see 'it'...
just tried to find it...but I couldn't.

But I did stumble on this one.......

from more info box...
Supposedly leaked by someone working on the Scott - Amundsen South Pole Telescope (SPT). This video shows 5 visible planets! All credit should go to the original Poster who took the risk ... if its original that is!
I went through a heavy Nibiru phase a while back....then it slipped
away. I think I'm going to try and take some pics of the sun with a
digital camera. But I'm in England so I don't know if we can see
anything here yet...(IF it's coming..) But all of you in Australia and
New Zealand are supposed to be able to see it now....?

Bob Dean said it was a reality.....and I feel that I trust him.

Time to start thinking about Nibiru again???.....not in a panicky way
...but in to know, if it's a reality way....
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