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Default Re: Australian Ground Crew Members?

Hi All,

This is my first post here. I am Peace2all's other half. I have, by proxy, been following many of the Avalon threads for some by time but still a newling to posting and working this "fandangled" computer. But enough about me.

I posted some co-ordinates to the Melb. ground crew and thought you all might find these interesting as well. Co-ordinates 2148'59.69"S, 114 9'55.36"E for Google earth. Look em' up. WTF?!!:

G'day Mulder. Your post is I think pretty much on the money. It does however highlight the need for preparations sooner than later. Do you have any time lines for the scenarios you mentioned? Do you think it has to do with August/Sept. timing as mentioned in other threads recently?

Also I would like to extend a big HELLO and G'DAY to Tez who has always sent us(Peace2all) valuable information whenever asked, and PB40 dig your pictures man.......wayyyyyyy cooooooool, awesome, brilliant. Hi to Henners as well, AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE, OI, OI, OI! Make sure to say hello to Pep and myself when in Melb. for David Icke. :

Chow for now girls and boys.
Arch/Arty/Soul Rebel.
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