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Default Re: New Book: Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulstion: Tesla, UFOs, ect

Thanks Dan, it copied but for some reason wouldn't paste.

It is truly extra-ordinary that when Phylos dictated "A Dweller on Two Planets" to his teenage channel in the years between 1883 - 1886 the aeroplane had not yet been invented, the scientific view of the multi-dimensional nature of reality was rudimentary and 'Dark Energy' was not yet postulated. Yet Phylos revealed some of the principles of free energy - called "navaz" or "night side forces" - and he described the myriad technological appliances which it powered ~15,000 years ago on Poseid.. eg, high speed monorail, ambient lighting, anti-gravity aircraft, television, wireless communication devices, atmospheric water generators, etc. He predicted that these free energy principles and appliances (and more) would be rediscovered and re-invented in the 20th century by re-incarnating Atlantean scientists. No doubt we can thank Nicola Tesla and others for much of that but unfortunately some of their discoveries were secreted away on the pretext of 'national security' and hoarded for the benefit of the few.

For a scientific discourse on the "One Substance" as understood by the Atlanteans see this page from "A Dweller on Two Planets". Appreciate the spiritual quality, scientific reliability and the unmatched prescience of Phylos' work.

And for a metaphysical description of the true formula of the chemical elements see this page from the same book which was republished in Phylos' 1940 book "An Earth Dweller's Return" and is reproduced on the scientific website "KeelyNet". The editor of the website states that these passages in Phylos' book were removed from subsequent editions by persons or groups unknown and for reasons unknown.

This information should be seen in the context of spurious theories which insist that "aliens" of intergalactic origin are responsible for "UFOs" both ancient and modern and that so called "alien gods" supposedly ruled Atlantis in an unbroken lineage to the present.

It offers a plausable explanation too for the existance of arial maps of the earth which were produced before aircraft were supposedly invented and so much more. Phylos' work has been plaigerised and distorted by the 'Ashtar Command' and all of it's offshoots and by the entities who claim to represent a 'Galactic Federation' which is really just a false hierarchy imposter of the true spiritual brotherhood. They have stolen the identities of the real adepts - Jesus, Maitreya, St Germain, Michael, Morya, Phylos, etc - and misrepresented their person and teachings so that we will dismiss them out of hand and accept the counterfiet source of disinfo.

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